The gay boar


Any ideas to ensure Rex has enough pigs to make Tom’s sausages?


Hannah to parade in front of whatever the creature’s name is (Basil? or am I going mad?) in stockings, suspenders, and a sow mask? Although that last might be supererogatory



Hannah might be the wrong species to entice the flaccid porker

Only might - there is no certainty about this idea…


Summerisle Agricultural Consultancy?


Might I observe that your thread title is homophonic in the extreme. I thought you meant Adam. Or Ian.


I thought it an apt description of the reluctant beast

(If the reader thinks of the newest parents in the village that is their own mucky homophobic minds at work!)


HomophoNic, dere, not -Bic.

And only one of the two is a parent or ever will be


Aaaaw give me some leeway for being blind darling one…


Hence the ridiculously large letters in me clarification, dahlink.

I’m not homophobic, me, but Adam and Ian give buggery a bad name, imo.


Well on That we agree m’dear!


I try very hard not to.


Or at least save it until you’ve eaten something bad and want to get rid of it.


Maybe that’s what they’re for? The prod team put them in as a safety measure because they’re under the impression the listeners will swallow anything.


I’m somewhat confuserated by the singularity of the title; I thought that Moody&Broody were the only gay bores in the village? …er, thassorl…


…when I was growing up back in the 1950s in Deb’n, Glorious Deb’n, there was an urban legend (…or plain old volk-lore) that watching two porkers getting it on and copulating was an incredible turn-on (…apparently :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), so as I was listening to tonight’s episode, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps if PoopSquit & Vex were to perform in front of Basil (…I couldn’t help but think Basil Fawlty) :grimacing:


Just - ewwwww.


Aaaah us country types need to get our fun somewhere and watching pigs counts as such


urrrk. Disappointed in you, Twellsy


I am reminded of when McDonald’s opened a branch just outside Royston. “At last,” said the local parents, “somewhere to take the kids”. Er. Right…


Dahlink Gus

Watching pigs race is the highlight of our local festival

Little piggies in racing silks galloping round a course laid out on the local GAA field

Anyone who plays GAA football or hurling can cope with pig output on the pitch