The Home Farm SL…


…is the wrong way round, surely? The idea that Brian was ever so short of cash that he’d accept a few hundred to allow “illegal” (if such it were) dumping on his land is preposterous. It would be far more plausible if he had hired someone to fill in the inconvenient pond and they had dumped the stuff, rather than paying the council to take it.


It would indeed. Can see why you were kicked out of SW school, all that dreary plausibility you kept dragging in…


But then it wouldn’t be Blatantly His Fault Because This Month He Is Evil.


That’s more or less what happened. The direction the money changed hands is not really relevant; he didn’t do the toxic dumping and didn’t know it was being done, because why would he have known? And why would he have allowed toxic dumping on his new shiny farm?


Well, it is given that Brian is currently being written as so hard up at the time that he resorted to taking a bung of a few hundred to let his land be used as a dump. Yet, according to The Book of The Archers:

Dashing and ruthless, he was a gentleman farmer from a naval background and attractively wealthy. He purchased Home Farm with 1500 acres from the Bellamy Estate in 1975 and had the house converted for him to live in

[Jennifer and Brian] have a comfortable lifestyle. They were the first family in Ambridge to have their own solar-powered swimming pool. Brian has been able to buy the newest and best in farm machinery and add to his land and livestock as he felt fit. He has always expected Jennifer to play a traditional role in their marriage and never liked the idea of her working, but he has indulged her expensive hobbies. His immediate family has also benefitted from his generosity; but Brian can be patronising, which has got on everyone’s nerves, particularly Phil Archer’s—once Brian dismissively gave Phil a blank cheque to cove damage he’d done to Brookfield stock, which Phil found infuriating.

Lee and Helen…

Yes, exactly. It is grade A 22-carat bullshit as a storyline, because they chose the wrong farm and farmer to run Graham Harvey’s bee-in-the-bonnet pollution idea.


Little Tommy Archer would have done it in a moment, if they could have made the event more recent (which would have made the illegal dumping more plausible too).


It would have meant it was illegal rather than not being, anyway.


Quite so. And he’s much more out for a few quid to tide him over until the next visit to the Bank of Peggy than Brian has ever been.


I think that this is yet another dreadful story line - a formerly interesting & well-rounded character does a complete volte face

Am finding it Absolute Bolleaux yet again, & would like to be woken up when itizz all over



I still am assuming it’s a prelude to Mr. & Mrs. Collingwood retiring.


Very clumsily handled then,& I hate the way that everyone is made nasty just to suit what seems like a whim on the part of the SWs



In that scenerio, what about Ms Piper? Does she have to retire as well, whether she wants to or not?

I have seen quite literally no evidence that either of the Collingwoods plans to retire. In 2015 we were told that “they have no wish to retire from Ambridge (unless they are ‘killed off’)” in an article about their moving from Muswell Hill to a smaller house on the Hampshire/Sussex border a few miles from Petersfield.


Not if Brian is jailed, or dies in the stress of all this, or decides he can no longer tolerate ghe hoo-haa around it & clears off to a place in the sun. There are various ways of him exiting.

… &, e. I’ve read similar remarks but public pronouncements are not necessarily accurate. Plus, who’s to say he’ll be given a choice ?

I hope the best actor in the programme doesn’t exit, but just think it’s coming.


I can’t think why you have decided that two people who have no need to retire and have said that they don’t want to must be going to retire from a programme which has at least three actors in it who are considerably their senior.


That rather depends on whether they are given the option, doesn’t it? I know VW stated that they wouldn’t write out older characters until the actors decided to step down (or fell off the perch) but would her successors feel bound by any such obligation? The totally unnecessary replacement of Tom Graham and Will Sanderson-Thwaite suggests that loyalty is not a high priority.


It wasn’t just those two, joe. I have a little list called “What They Did In 2014”, which reads:

New actors since August 2013 who have a “bio” of their character in the Who’s Who:

Eleanor Bron (Carol Tregorran)
Terence Harvey (Justin Elliott)
James Cartwright (Harrison Burns)
Rina Mahoney (Jess Titchener)
Felix Scott (Charlie Thomas)
Simon Williams (Justin Elliott)
Nick Barber (Rex Fairbrother)
Rhys Bevan (Toby Fairbrother)

Perdita Avery (Kate Madikane) - replacement
Daisy Badger (Pip Archer) - replacement
Tom Gibbons (Johnny Phillips) - replacement
Will Howard (Dan Hebden Lloyd) - replacement
Angus Imrie (Josh Archer) - replacement
Oliver Le Sueur (Patrick Hennessy) - replacement
David Troughton (Tony Archer) - replacement
William Troughton (Tom Archer) - replacement

Departures since August 2013

Kim Durham (Matt Crawford) - pressure of work
Colin Skipp (Tony Archer) - ill health

Kellie Bright (Kate Madikane) - replaced
Cian Cheesbrough (Josh Archer) - replaced
Tom Graham (Tom Archer) - replaced
Louis Hamblett (Daniel Hebden Lloyd) - replaced
Joseph Kloska (Patrick Hennessy) - replaced
Luke Hudson (Rich Phillips) - replaced
Helen Monks (Pip Archer) - replaced

Of these, we are told that the first two jumped, and we know that Tom Graham was pushed. We may never know how the other six actually felt about leaving.

There are other actors whom we may suspect to have lost their parts in the programme; have they at least been told, if they have been written out, so that they are not left with false hope of employment?


Hedli Niklaus, for example, who seems also to have had the official fan club closed down under her.


Yes, I did have her in mind. Also Dan Ciotkowski/Jamie Perks.


Really ? Wow.

Well that’s a hint if ever I saw one.

I bet she fumes when she’s referred to … such as last night.