The Llama Mmafia


Never mind all this gas leak nonsense. Those Who Chew have clearly hired an explosives expert to get revenge for Wolfgang’s murder.

Or it could be Ambridge’s Worst Serial Killer. Has Lynda been giving Helen her due ration of praise lately?


Gas leak? I thought it was a plumbing issue. If gas leak surely they should have done more than move the kitchen into the staff room?!


Well, they hadn’t. It was clearly stated that breakfast cooking was taking place in a corner of the dining room, and that certain supplies were being stocked in the staff room.

And a gas leak wasn’t the primary issue, which was indeed plumbing. One presumes the incompetent workperson then inadvertently irritated the gas supply.


I’m going to have to listen to this, aren’t I?

Sigh :wink:



One would notice if one – erm, broke open a gas main using a sheet of metal, which was what it sounded as if he were wielding. Apart from anything else there would be a dreadful pong.


Does anyone know if ‘the builder’ is Gav? I do hope so!


Fairly sure that’s the case.


That’s put me right off crisps, that has.


No worries, I’ll look after 'em for you.