The proposed name change


I think it has to be Eccles’ Rest

That way way we can look forward to enjoying the humorous way Jolene has a go about the wretched fowl when peevish with Kenton


Eccles was prolly done in by the same murderer wot finished off Wolfgang.


Howzabout "The Olde Artificial Inseminator"?


The Bastered Son


The Bleating Hart


Agreed a name change is a strange idea, as was stated above it’s a pub for the locals, and they aren’t going to spend more because it’s called something different. Unless the writers are looking for a storyline where Jolene gets sued by the Be At One chain and loses the pub?


Best idea I’ve heard all year, that ;- )


The Infected Beer Line and Rapid Trip to the Bog? Given how much time they don’t spend on cleaning…


…seconded! :slightly_smiling_face:


In these days of equality, why not The Cow and Boar? (Spelling to taste)


The Crashing Bore?


During Peggy and Lilian’s conversation last night about the name change, Peggy said something like “I wasn’t in business for fifty years without learning a bit about Best Practice”. Which struck me as an odd way of describing ‘leaving the change of name decision to those who currently have active interests in the business’.
Bit of a gripping with the heels while galloping’ approach - let’s find some ‘corporate vocab’ and shoehorn it into the script.
Of course, Tin Ear is now endemic,


She wasn’t in business for fifty years, anyway. She ran the Bull from 1952 until 1972, and after that she worked sporadically, at such things as being a PA in Jack Woolley’s business and for the Estate in the office, which is not even slightly the same thing.


No, it isn’t, but I am 99% certain she said ‘fifty years’. I’d sooner not LA, though ;- )


She did but she was lying.


That’s all right then. When in Rome and all that.


This is a firm of legbreakers, isn’t it?


“It’ll always be The Bull to me” quoth Fiona.

Has she ever actually set foot in the pub? Or even been aware of its existence? I don’t recall her being a particularly frequent visitor to Ambridge; had she ever even spoken before the nonsense about Jim’s party?


“It’ll always be that Bull that Dad* always goes on about to me.”

* or whatever the relationship is, I cba to look it up


She had never been to Ambridge before last year’s crap as far as we know. She never spoke and we never heard her mentioned at all apart from her being unable to have Jim to stay when he broke his leg.