The proposed name change


I got the impression from listening to the conversation that she’d grown up in Ambrifge hence has memories and an opinion on the name change, but I read into the above that that’s not the case?


Jim only came to Ambridge after he retired. The Proffer’s Dyke has barely set foot in the dead-and-alive hole.


Jim came to Ambridge for the first time when he had a broken leg and required Shula to look after him, from 30th November, 2007, until 18th January, 2008.

He reappeared renting Blossom Hill Cottage from Usha for six months while he looked for somewhere to buy, in June, 2009.


I think you can’t do better than the pub name used in the “Take it from Here” radio show with Jimmy Edwards as Mr.Glum.
Their pub was called, The Frog and Nightgown". Classic…


Nah, just ‘venerable’. imo.
But as a storyline, this one is pure, assayed and hallmarked



If was hallmarked it won’t have assayed pure … pure silver or gold isn’t hallmarked.


Welcome to the board, Michael.


Yes, I realised I had perpetrated a Red Rag to a Fish, but you get my general drift. I hope.


The purest you can hope for is 22 carat, I think. (grin)


Never trust a grinning Fish.


Well, you can get 24, but it isn’t much use for jewellery. I don’t think it gets assayed for hall much.


Are we still talking precious metals? As opposed to the substance I posited (and no, I haven’t accidentally missed off a d and an e)?


Presumably the crap assay is in the hands of the Worshipful Company of Gong Farmers.


Oh, and Hello, and also Welcome.


"The Hole In The Wall" …surely (Shirley)?