TheKaladonianKlown's accent!

…is so overdone (…yes, I realise that the actor who plays him is (supposedly) from Glaswegow) but as TheKaladonianKlown he sounds about as authentic as Dick van Dyke did as the cockney “Bert” in “Mary Poppins” (…cor, blimey! stroick a loight Mary!)

…ThatSnellWommun… (…reaches for sick-bucket!)

and FlobertSnell (…Flobert & Lynderpoop are a match made in Heaven! …ideal in that only two people are desperately unhappy instead of four!)

…and then there was Broody & mAlice!


Ryan Kelly did indeed come from Glasgow.

When he was three.


Actually, the accent is pretty much his own. The exaggerated use of Scottish idioms/clichés/stereotype (take your pick) is surely down to the SWs?


It’s the latter I find grating. And which apparently Glaswegians find unrealistic because it’s wildly out of date – out of early Oor Wullie, as someone described it.


“SWs have tin ears” is hardly news—just appalling, given what they’re paid (they just got another increase, incidentally).

We have been regularly reminded that time is an issue: “We only hear 13½ minutes a day, so can’t include everything that happens”. Fair enough, but that does rather beg the question as to the criteria they use to choose what we do hear. The WH/15 Minute Drama slot regularly produces excellent work under the same time constraints as TA, so the format clearly isn’t the problem—and they’ve had nearly seventy years to get it right.

There seems to be a sense of “good enough for TA”, which is frankly insulting to a very loyal audience. I can’t help feeling that the SWs really do see us as a bunch of old farts dribbling on our cat hair-infested cardies.