They grammatical errors


“They drinkers”* tonight. Whose idea was Clarrie’s imbecilic yokelisation? She never spoke like that when played by Rosalind Adams, so is it in the script (which would be a character change) or an affectation of the actor (in which case the director should rein her in)?

*I am being driven to join them


Oh it is all authentic and perfectly fine because Clarrie comes from somewhere West-ish.

Nope, me neither, but so we were told. By someone. I forget the details.

Wish Will would take his shotgun to the graceless old sow, authenticity notwithstanding.
gus x




Jethro and Lizzie Larkin left Ambridge and moved to Dorset, some time after the war. (I think Jethro served but never talked about it.) In 1966 they returned with their children Clarrie and Rosie in order to be near Jethro’s parents, who were “getting on”. He got a job on the Berrow estate for a year, then a job with Phil Archer at the Hollowtree pig unit, and the family lived in Rickyard Cottage for four years before moving to Woodbine Cottage.

Since Clarrie was born in 1954, she had the first twelve years of her life in which to develop a Dorsetshire accent.


Mummerzet is another matter, though.


And would you recognise a Dorset accent if you met it, and tell it apart from a Somerset one? Or Somerset from Devon, or Devon from Cornwall?

No, nor would anyone at BBC Midlands.


Well, quite, Fish. I’m not being paid to.


But for twenty-five years she didn’t substitute “they” for “those” (or more likely, “them”).