Things to do when you're newly single

  1. Have a drunken sexual liaison with a co-worker, preferably a married one. See them at work every day thereafter, and realise that they’re thinking “I slept with that?” just as much as you are.
  2. Read romance novels. Attempt to become charmingly clumsy. Consider the local talent. Change your mind.
  3. Leave town and start a new life somewhere a bit less blasted incestuous.

Being a bit thick here: who specifically do you have in mind?

It does please me that Elizabeth will be periodically reminded for the rest of her life (because no one ever does leave Ambridge and environs) that she shagged the nasty little Tucker and he thought he had a real chance of getting his feet under the LL table.

Depressed? If she had any self-respect she should be suicidal.


It was a line I heard in passing while That Fish was catching up. I think Emma was the target of it, but my advice was generic.