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And that ain’t right, as a Bristolian would say.

We do have interests other than The Archers, between us: what we need to do is to work out what they are. Here is the place for starting threads about, I don’t know, cats. Or chocolate. Or even things that are not already a surfeit in every corner of the internet: strange headlines we have seen, how to knit a better mother-in-law, who has won the Grand National every year since 1839 and what the horses’ names remind us of, our holiday snaps… the choices are all ours.

An area where we can make suggestions, or be suggestive. :slight_smile:

Maybe we need somewhere for things like Group Names for Archer’s characters?

An addendum of Aldridges.
A ganglion of Grundys.
A pestilence of Pargetters.


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Used2B, charming though those suggestions are, I feel they belong in The Archers.


But then any suggestions for things, would have to be about TA.

This first was just an example.

I presume that politics are off?
Seems to be all I can consider, these days.
Soo xx

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Darn’ tootin’ they are. Regard this as a haven away from them if you can, there’s a good bee.
Singed, fiddling while Rome burns


Well, okay. I may be quiet, at times.

Try not to cheer.

Soo xx

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Not sure how you being quiet would tend towards my happiness, really.
Frivolling here might help. I hope. The dear knows we need some.
Chin up, old bee (do Bees have chins?)
Gus xxx