This is seriously bad


As for Emma… Words fail me about the stupid, stupid wench.


My thought was

Not Another Gamekeeper

Please can we have light and shade rather than shade and gloom

Eeyore is joyous in comparison to tonight’s offering


What I really do not understand is who told Tim Stimpson that he could write melodrama well, and why.


Another thing I really don’t understand is that Will would not have mended a broken window-catch in a house with a wife and children he valued in it

for fifteen years.

Like hell he wouldn’t.

And that is not to mention the shotgun which seemed to be being loaded with six or more cartridges.


No corpses. Any one of the four would have satisfied me. Any two, my cup would have runnethed over.

Talking of Emma, though, and thinking of last night: what the hell did she think she was doing, walking in uninvited because she knew he was there and was not answering the door? Did it not occur to the stupid judy that he wasn’t answering the door because he did not want to talk to her, and why he might not have wanted to?


She’d have looked all no-how if he’d been having a quiet wank, wouldn’t she!


Thank you for a thought that will take some serious drinking to expunge.


Gives you a good excuse, dunnit.


Such a thortful Fish.

Actually, I need one to calm me noives. That Sparrer can probably explain.


Four superfluous words there


“Polishing the Purdey”?

I rather doubt it would be quiet—can you imagine that voice at point of orgasm?


joe, you can just sod right off.

Hang on: now I need to drink MORE. Thank you, my friend.


Instead of Ed, she should have called the Thick Blue Line. Burns having his brain, such as it is, blasted out would have been a good start to the weekend. And it would have been a nice little revenge on Fallon for having her perfect house and husband. Well, until Emmur realised exactly how much cash Fallon was going to get from the life insurance, death-in-service payout and all the rest of it.
AND we would have the excitement of who the next captain of the cricket team would be to look forward to.

So many better ways it could have gone…


SPAS-12 formerly the property of Borsetshire Vice Squad?

Me beak is sealed.


For the avoidance of people thinking this is more interesting than in fact it is, the cat had apparently taken a choking hazard into his mouth and then exited the cat-flap sharpish when I advanced on him in the hope of removing same (on reflection, I should probably not have shouted ‘drop that!’ at the poor thing). Anyway, he came back and ate and so on, and has now gone Out again. When he returns for a second time unchoked I will be even more reassured.



I thank you for that euphemism gruesome though it be

The question is

Does Willyum have the tool that needs polishing?

I doubt it


“Unpolished tools” about sums up they Grundys