"Tom! Tom! TOM!"


Out of character for Helen to be so persistently interested in someone else’s life, I thought.
God, he’s a pathetic specimen.


Typical of her to bully an answer out of him, though.

I predicted that she’d blame him for things he’d done wrong if he confessed he’d booked a honeymoon without consulting her, accepted invitations on her behalf and so on. But that didn’t happen.

I can’t figure out why she’s so enthusiastic about Natasha. You’d think they’d hate each other at first sight. And Helen must have a pretty good idea Natasha was planning on evicting her from Bridge Farm (well I think she was.) Still, typical of Helen’s arrogance that she’d decree they are made for each other when clearly they aren’t.

Of course, I don’t want to be too negative. I’m sure Helen meant it for the best.


Then bugger off! No place for your sort here ;- )

Yes, one would have thought cats in a sack would have nothing on H and N… We have, frankly, been robbed.


Oh, I thought I’d deleted those last two sentences!


The bullying was indeed typical. Why he didn’t invite her to briefcase off is a bit of a mystery.


Oh, Tom is always a terrific disappointment in that regard. He was nice and supportive when Helen confessed she’d been shagging a married man who had dumped her. Then she figuratively kicked him in the balls when he tried to explain something stupid he’d done. Forget what exactly, something to do with treating Kirsty badly … oh I know, it was for his being stupid enough to propose to her when she told him she was pregnant. Helen gave him a right bollocking for being so insensitive. She might have had a point but it is telling that it never works both ways; he is not allowed to criticise her.

I blame Pat and Tony. Tom knows the rules.


Rule #1: Helen is brave, fragile and always right.
Rule #2: Should Helen say or do anything wrong, refer to Rule #1


Quite right, joe! Remember how lovely and supportive Helen was about the kefir and the trees? Yet Tom will be expected to rejoice over the undoubted success of Mankwold Mark II.


I still don’t understand why they had to go through all the rigmarole of importing Montbéliards. They had a successful product when they had their own herd before—it was only when they started buying in milk that the quality dropped. Would it not have have been considerably easier and cheaper to go for whichever breed they had before? Whatever cheese they produce now will not be the same as the one on which they built their reputation; it might be better, it might be worse—but it will be different. Seems an insane approach to “restoring” the brand.

Then again, this is the BFNI…


I wasn’t paying attention; I assumed that the decision was made by Helen holding her breath until she turned blue.


Why they had to import them is a complete mystery; there are plenty for sale in this country. They even have their own website


Why do they always have to hurry these things?


More of the ‘nagging another to get them to talk about something they manifestly do not want to talk to you about’ device deployed tonight.

It is the obverse of the ‘I want to say something really important: Hang on, I need to take this call / rearrange my postage stamps’ device and it irritates the bejayzus out of me.


I thought better of William for not telling his mother that Mia had left forever, and spoiling her birthday.


There’s an early Doctor Who in which someone says “well, sorry, but when my report goes in it’ll say that your new pesticide is unsafe and that’ll destroy your company… and nobody else knows what’ll be in the report… and I’m alone here at my house… and now I’m going to telephone in the details, then I’m going for a long holiday in France and nobody knows where I’m going to be.”

Terminal (in his case, literally) lack of genre-savvy. Or basic common sense really.