TomTit Two

Ben’s going to make this all about him, isn’t he, and wallow tediously in self-indulgent guilt and vicarious remorse once the threat of an actual baby has been removed.
Arrogant, entitled little bollix, stating ‘I’ll be there!’ rather than asking ‘Would it be helpful for you if I went with you?’. Though what use he imagines he might be, I can’t.


“We’re doing a free snip with every termination…”


I wonder which bit of “It’s entirely your decision and I’ll support you whatever you decide” he is going to turn out to have forgotten.


I wasn’t wrong, was I?

It is possible TBTB will claim they were only responding to listener feedback when they decided to have Chelsea change her ‘mind’* at the last minute. No dears, that isn’t quite what we meant when we said “Don’t drag it out”…

*Avert! Avert!


You were right. His “I wanna” trumped her “Please don’t, for this and this reason”.

Support? Really? Gah.



The extent of my crossness is prodigious. Which is unfair when you think how much better Ben’s attendance made things [koffity].


You know, when I predicted Ben would make it all about him, I wasn’t expecting quite this level of egomania. He minds because His Name isn’t in the chapter. What chapter? There will be no baby. Therefore one can only assume that he minds because he won’t garner any wider public sympathy for there not being a baby. There shouldn’t be any public sympathy to be garnered because NO ONE SHOULD KNOW. Or certainly not know from him. Chelsea seems to have been rather keen to conceal the father’s identity. She accepted he would need to tell Beth. Then he outs himself to Tracy in an unforgivable breach of manners and boundaries (and inability to understand simple instructions; he’s his father’s son, all right. But to be fair no one else would willingly fuck Ruth, so that was never in doubt) and then he spills his pusillanimous guts to his ghastly mother. Who asks him what he wants. What he wants has nothing to do with it. He also moaned to Beth that it was 'all about Chelsea". Well, yes, she’s the one who’s having the termination, about which more, later. The thing that really worries me, and I could be wrong, is that TBTB think his position/reaction is a valid one and that we should sympathise rather than queuing up to punch him rather hard in the mouth and bollocks alternately.
Oh, and isn’t it typical of Beth to get up in the night so as not to disturb him by crying, and yet disturb him by getting up and crying just loudly enough? Why the angst anyway? It’s not as if they were married, or even an established couple. “The way you deal with difficult situations is not a way I am comfortable with, and there will always be difficult situations, so so long and thanks for all the… well, all the nothing really” is the age- and situation-appropriate response. But yes, it was shitty that he also made Beth’s decision for her, or tried to: I fear the miserable little bitch will be back. And it will be all about them, and not Chelsea. While I think Chelsea’s a dolt and hate her voice, characterisation and all of it, she is now the only person really deserving a bit of compassion here, because next week won’t be pleasant for her.

So now we come to ‘Later’. NO, at 19/20 weeks, Chelsea will NOT be being ‘induced’. There will be a chemical car-jack (like the chemical cosh, but rather more topically administered) and then evacuation of the contents of the uterus, with or (more likely at 19 weeks) without feticide, under sedation of one kind or another. An induction would be disastrous. Oh, but apparently Feedback thinks it is being handled ‘sensitively’ and no doubt TBTB will squeal that they have done their reeesearch. They didn’t consult reliable Obst. & Gynae. sources, that’s for sure. I begin to wonder if they are not heavily infiltrated by MRAs, or at least that the current editor has some kind of agenda, which patently doesn’t include the production of a good, or even vaguely coherent, programme.

And lastly, Chelsea’s predicament, depsite the airtime her grrry haverings have taken up, is dramatically speaking a sideshow to the luxury emotional turmoil of her ‘betters’, and that stinks.


One detail you missed out. Chelsea agreed that he probably had to tell Beth (the words “good luck with that” come to mind and I am unsure whether Chelsea meant them ironically or straight) but didn’t want him to tell anyone else that she was pregnant.

So what did the self-pitying little git do, after dramatically taking to his bed for a day or so in order to make sure that his general state of mind was really obvious to anyone he was sharing a house with? Why, he told his brother Josh that he’d got Chelsea pregnant.

(It’s nineteen weeks today; she got herself upduffed on Friday 1st July, and counting 1st July as the end of her second week of pregnancy that makes today 19 weeks to the day from her official previous period. I still dislike the way the law assumes all women have regular, 28-day menstrual cycles, but that is what we have to work with.)


Yes, and thanks for picking that up: it was in my mind, if not my diatribe (and what a dire tribe they are, eh?)

FWIW, I don’t think Chelsea was being ironic: she is being written as remarkably un-mean-spirited considering she ‘doesn’t even like him that much’.


After this little performance of his she will have every reason not to like him at all!


I think that after 12 weeks they do inject homones and induce delivery as the hoover will really damage the cervix because of the size of the foetus

So Chelsea faces the full joy! of labour

Meanwhile Ben is angst-ing as if his much loved firstborn was being murdered by the wicked witch Chelsea


I think the NHS site disagrees. Up to 14 weeks it’s the two pills; after 14 weeks they inject hormones (?? something, anyway) to dilate the cervix artificially, then use forceps not a hoover.

#### Dilatation and evacuation (D&E)
This is used after 14 weeks of pregnancy. It involves inserting special instruments called forceps through the cervix and into the womb to remove the pregnancy.
D&E is usually carried out under sedation or general anaesthetic. It normally takes about 10 to 20 minutes and you’re usually able to go home the same day.

No mention anywhere of inducing labour at 19 weeks; that’s for late termination, after 24 weeks. (I think it may be 23 weeks and 6 days, for legal reasons. As if anyone can tell exactly when a woman’s period would have started if she’d had one when she was pregnant.)

That Chelsea, at 19 weeks, has been told she has to have induced labour, may well be making members of the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists spit.


My knowledge is from my peeler training days so well out of date

Whatever way it happens Chelsea has had the courage to sort things to her life and I salute her while wanting to kick Ben in the scrotal area until it bursts

Gus will you join me in that endeavour?


I’m inclined to recommend similar treatment for the several begetters of this SL, whom I imagine are feeling terribly pleased with themselves. A swift kick in the fork is a great corrector of mood.
ETA: for either sex.


I have a trained kick from ballet and good heavy kicking boots so I will help kick any forks in need…