Tonight's swill…


I was so hoping to hear the sound of the hearty slap SquireAldridge should have delivered around the chops of his bird-brained twittering spousal-unit as he raised his voice and stormed out (…and slammed the door in such a convincing manner!)

…the following silence was almost deafening!

Twacee (scoffin’ as she’s troffin’ wiv’ Russ n’ Lily n’ WidderBeth (…and where’s he been for the past several months?)): “Mmmmmmmmmffff! Gronfff! …as it 'appens!¹ scap! scap! chew! …as it 'appens!¹ scap! chew! mmmmmmmmffffffff! slurp! …ooooh, oi lurvs them flowers!”

WidderBeth: (…in her best Dame Edna voice): "…er, please don’t eat the glads, possum!

Edit: (Note to BroadcastEngineer: Please use less of the Roast-Potato filter, we’re having difficulty hearing Twacee’s CountryAnnunciation!)

¹ shades of Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile? Oh dear! :open_mouth:


Just catching up on the last few days. While there is much in what you say, I did enjoy Wuss finally getting the roasting he so richly deserves.


Yes, Tracy was brilliant! “Except you’re not rich, are you?”

And I love that Lily was prepared to have an argument with him in public. She must be getting really fed up with him and about time too.

But the Grundys’ screw and poor, busy Pip … that was boring.


Also baffling. Why did they need a meeting about the stupid HF meeting? To do what? What is point?


Gus, you’re a genius! That is the solution for Ambridge! HF. Preferably fairly dilute HF so that it doesn’t immediately dissolve them or even produce obvious burns, but just leaches the calcium out of their bones and organs until their hearts stop a few hours later.


< preenity > < blushity >
‘yers, werll, hydrofluoric acid’s yer friend, innit, for this kind of job, that’s what I always say’


I wonder if I’m the only one who read that as < preenity > < bullshitty >.


Context is a powerful influence on perception, dere, so quite likely not.