Too much Pip

…tonight, by a very long way.

In a twisted way though, I quite enjoyed Tom reverting to his old pre-Canada, obsessed-with-my-business, let’s-bully-Dad character.


Rex is even stupider than I took him to be: when he had a date with Anisha in half an hour, he was a real fool to go off and do something with someone else. That the someone else was Pip makes him even more of a fool, though of course a date with Anisha was also indicative of extremes of gawm-lack.


Do you think the actor is doing it deliberately to wind us up now - feyoww and similar manglings of the language were so grossly mispronounced. If she was, she needs a good hard smack. If she can’t help it, she - and the editor, and the director - need good hard P45s.

Rex is dim enough to have lived in Ambridge all his life. Is it something that seeps from the Brookfield soil? And Anisha is obviously howlingly insecure: she seems to be applying some bizarre variation of that pernicious little book, The Rules, to her dealings with the tedious berk.
And there are no words for Pip’s behaviour that would be let stand even in this relaxed environment. Ringing someone you have made late for a social arrangement, even if you don’t know it to be a date or quasi date, to say you are sorry - feyoow terriboow - and hope you haven’t messed it up for them is not even the action of a very stupid person, it is the action of a complete solipsist or a manipulative little ____. Or indeed both.
Ditches the length and breadth of Borsetshire, my friends, that’s where she ought to be. In kit form.


I didn’t know Rex was yet another one who had a thing about much older women.
How old is Pip?
How old is Rex?
How old is Anisha?
(BTW they need to change her name, When Ruth mangles it, you won’t know if she’s talking about Anisha, or Anthea.

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If Ruth’s talking, will we actually care?

Rex will be thirty in July, and Toby is two years younger; Pip was twenty-four in February this year.

Anisha is of course twenty-six.


Remind me again, who dumped whom?


Pip dumped Toby. She just doesn’t like not having another person to kowtow to her.


So she’s not the experienced equine specialist, she claimed to be when she joined. What was it four and a half years in an equine practice after working in a general practice

Now let’s see… RCVS says 5 or 6 years to qualify - the extra year being for individuals on the thick side. So that’s six years for Anisha. + 4.5 years for the equine practice and lets say just the 1 year in general practice.

So university at 18. + 6 years at uni. + 1 year in general practice. + 4.5 years equine and half a year at Al’s place.

That’s 18 + 6 + 1 + 4.5 + .5 That would make her a minimum of 30 years old.

Maybe the storyline will be, that she’s only qualified as a vet-nurse, or indeed, totally unqualified.

I say… You don’t think this is yet another TA story, that they haven’t researched and have got all wrong, do you?


She had been in general practice in Worcester or somewhere before coming to Ambridge, too, so add at least another year for that.

Keri Davies is reputed to have claimed on Twitter that she is in her mid-thirties, but since he is also said to have followed this with a question-mark it seems clear that the information is not part of the sw’s brief. Therefore the fact that a large number of us heard on air something which suggested that she was twenty-six – everyone who mentioned it thought the same age – means that it is likely one of them did put it in unilaterally.

Well I’m going to assume she’s 36+ (which makes more sense.)
This means as I said upthread. Rex is into older women… So get lorrst, Pip.

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