TOTAL TV GUIDE 16-21 April

(paraphrased for posting on Peet’s Mustardland by Toffee and posted here with her kind permission)

It’s miserable at Brookfield for Easter Sunday lunch. Insults and accusations fly around souring the atmosphere.
When Pip has a go at Josh about the damaged fence, he throws it back at her. He’s not the only one needing a scapegoat after that when an irate customer is after his blood. So he then blames Rex for his woes, but he gets more than he bargained for doing that.
All is well with Lillian. She throws a party to celebrate and it’s celebration time for Elizabeth when Shula treats her to a spa day for her 50th birthday. With David and Ruth’s troubles, and relations with Kenton still fractious, will she have a milestone birthday to remember?
Anisha has blunt news about Peggy’s cat, which leaves Alistair fearing for his practice.


“This moggy was stuffed by Jas. Horrobin Taxidermists of Felpersham, thirty years ago.”
“No, Anisha! We need that cat coming in for six-monthly checkups to keep the business going!”


Yer on a roll today, Hedgers!

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