Total TV Guide 18-23 June

Tom tries to bluff Justin into upping his offer for Bridge Farm land. Justin’s response is to call the whole thing off. Tony and Pat are dismayed - surely they’d be used to Tom costing them money by now?
Tom is hoping he can secure another deal and that the windfall has not blown away in the wind forever!
Freddie is still avoiding college.
When Josh drops a bombshell of his own, David and Elizabeth do a spot of sibling bonding over the behaviour of their wayward little darlings.
Anisha and Rex’s date is a success despite the restaurant.
What will Anisha have to say when she sees the new changing facilities at the cricket club?

Paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


I hope the rumours of chickens coming home to a number of different roosts all at the same time, genuinely amount to something.


Like a “night of the long knives” sort of thing ?

Helen can advise on that.


Jill used to keep chickens. I think she fed bees to them.

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