Jill is riding high in the popularity stakes after getting one over on the duxford sisters, and finds herself in great demand by local charities and groups.
Alistair is so obsessed about Matt’s dealing with Anisha it affects his work and a visit to Brookfield nearly ends in disaster. Can Shula get to the truth?
Phoebe regrets her night of passion with romeo Constantin - does she worry he might have a woman in every fruit field?!
Oliver is touched at the support he’s getting from the locals, but Clarrie is worried his return spells trouble for the Grundys. As they always seem to end up smelling of roses, why should she worry?
Emma clashes with both her mother and Justin.
And - possibly to the surprise of no one reading this - Tom’s new product fails to excite the staff at Bridge Farm.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s

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