Total TV Guide Jul 2-7

With her boyfriend Harrison otherwise engaged, Fallon is feeling neglected, specially as she has problems of her own - namely Lynda and the summer fete.
Matt’s not winning many friends in Ambridge.
Justin is worryied that he’s not as popular as he was as Lillian’s 70th birthday approaches.
Roy has words with his daughter when Jennifer offers to sub a penniless Phoebe.
Harriet Vane continues to make trouble for the Grundys. Just wait til they hear their complainer’s shocking secret …

paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s

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Harriet Vane.

Someone remind me.

Lynda’s nom de no-show

Aaaah. Thank you.

Cue Jazzer’s reappearance. for another night of unadulterated passion with Fallon.

Or. Maybe Jimus. For a night of pensions.