Total TV Guide June 4-9

Rex plays Agony Uncle as Pip pours her heart out to him about her failed relationship with Toby. Eastenders could be mentioned again here, as just like Sharon and Grant and Phil, she jokes she picked the wrong brother. Rex, though, is more interested in keeping his date with Anisha at the Bull.
After being caught speeding, Justin tries to sweet talk Lynda, but she’s not easily persuaded.
Elizabeth is not happy when Freddie skips his exams to join Johnny at the Isle of Wight Festival.
Despite suspicions to the contrary, Matt’s Costa Rican venture proves to be legal and above board.
Tom can’t believe his parent’s aren’t biting Justin’s hand off to accept the money he’s offering. Tom is worried they’ll miss the boat. Tony urges caution - not a word Tom is familiar with.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s Mustardland


And absolutely no sodding thanks at all to the prod team.

Ta for posting, though, JJ.


Don’t you want to hear the BFNI at each others’ throats (perhaps literally)? I know I do!


This positive attitude of yours is really tarnishing my karma ; -) ok, yes, BFNI strife is fine and dandy. However:

Picked the wrong brother
The ‘comic potential’ of Lynda blackmailing Justin for the greater good
The Widder Pargetter railing at/about one of her foul children and bewailing her fate

are not dandy and imo also unlikely to be fine. Who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised. If an enemy soap were to launch a nuclear attack on Ambridge, that would be a fairly pleasant surprise.


Well, I don’t want to tarnish your karma any more but, do look on the bright side! ‘Pick the wrong brother’ sounded rather like Pip now wishes she had chosen Rex but … here’s the good part … Rex is only interested in Anisha.

Let her get back with Toby, I say, at least he can be relied on to make her miserable!


Who will turn out not to be interested in him at all, not because he is a loser devoid of any discernable personality but because he had dared to fancy Pip before Anisha swam into his ken and because the Laws of Soap dictate that he or someone else lets slip that he has been lending a sympathetic ear. Whereupon Aneesha goes off in a second huff and then Pip comforts Rex and…

see? SEE?

it’s not good at all, Janie. grrrr.

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Yeah, well, when you put it like that!