Total TV Guide May 14-19

As he’s strapped for cash, David calls in Kenton’s debt, but he couldn’t have asked at a worse time.
Matt presents Lillian with 2 china figurines as a reminder of their shared past, which leaves Lillian with some explaining to do to Justin.
Bert suggests to Toby that penning poetry may help him through is rocky patch with Pip, but the fledgling gin business is suffering.
Kirsty is keen to view the Site of Special Scientific Interest, much to Eddie and Joe’s discomfort.
Justin tries to appease Miranda, who wants a stake in Damara Capital as part of her divorce settlement.
And the outgoing Mrs Elliot has a word of warning for her would-be replacement …

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s Mustardland


Kenton: “Me? Pay you? Dave, bruv, you don’t understand how this relationship works.”


oh dear g*d

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Did you see Christine Michael’s ‘Bert’ poem in this week’s Ambridge Observer? I’m going to take a wild guess that Christine won’t mind me quoting it in full.

A house guest

The Good Book says that we all should
Do as our own dear Saviour would
and try, by some kind word or deed
To help our neighbours when in need.

So when of Brookfield’s woes I did hear,
Money trouble so severe
That it might push them to the edge,
I gave Ruth some of my spare veg.

But the Good Lord, who knows best,
Has put me to a bigger test.
He asks that I should do no other
Than give a home to Toby Fairbrother.

He said we’d have a lot of laughs,
Just like we did in days gone past.
I don’t remember any ‘bantz’
But can’t forget his unwashed pants.

I said I’d help as times are tough,
So Toby’s moving in his stuff,
But I’m not sure how it will go,
With three men in a bungalow.


I did. Thank you for ensuring I saw it again, you rotten witch