Total TV Guide/Radio Times Jan 14-19

A bit of comedy to start with: With David’s words ringing in his ears, Toby needs some wise advice, so where else would he go for it but to the world’s oldest teenager, the completely irresponsible Kenton Archer!
Toby is not coping with Pip’s pregnancy. Might it be wise to just disappear for a bit?
Nolly’s been a bit of trouble since she arrived in Ambridge and this week relations with Kate reach a new low - is that possible? When Nolly’s birthday party gets a bit out of hand and it dregs up some painful memories for Freddie. Kate needs to take action, but will Nolly listen? If she’s like her mother, of course she won’t.
Tom is down in the dumps over the failure of the kefir, and that’s just the start of his troubles.
Peggy and Jill try to offer words of comfort, but does Susan have something to lift his spirits?
A swim in the Am for Kirsty looks like it might end in disaster and leads to the authorities descending on the village. Landing one of the residents in serious trouble.
Lexi makes an emotional decision with far-reaching consequences. Is she doing the right thing?

Surely it’s not going to be a typical soap where Adam and Ian find a surrogate living next door?
Is that why Roy fears for the future of their relationship? Or is that a red herring because Adam and Ian are said to face even more disappointment?

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s (I think the last paragraph is Toffee’s own comment)


Ooh, does Kirsty pick up some fell disease from polluted water and die? No, of course not, because I would enjoy that

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I’m hoping that Justin gets done for polluting the Am with pig poo. He has a pig factory, doesn’t he?


When did this wild water swimming start in Ambridge? Perhaps she got caught up in the vortex caused by the constant change of direction of the Am? A sort of inland Corryvreckan.


Yes. Where did that bit come from ? Is there a source of further-ahead information ?

I do hope that’s correct though. This surrogancy, like Iaiaian himself, wants knocking on the head.