Total TV Guide/Radio Times Jan 7-12

David continues to bury his head in the sand over Pip’s news even though he makes the effort to accept it. Ruth promises to be a support - but what WILL Jill say! Remembering the grudge she bears the Fairbrothers from the Dark Ages, there’s every chance she won’t be happy about it. And when David and Toby finally come face to face, things get out of hand. Will David ever come to terms with the living proof that his little Pipsqueak is actually a grown woman who has sex?!
Brian is at war with Adam and Debbie over planned changes to wheat production. With vital votes still to be cast, it’s not even a certainty yet that he’ll be Business Person of the Year.
Roy is worried Lexi is in an impossible situation and is being taken advantage of and he’s stunned at her reaction.
Pat’s birthday doesn’t turn out quite like she’d hoped - surely that doesn’t mean there’ll be no family tea to celebrate? Releasing the first batch of goat’s milk to the dairy, Pat’s worried about Helen’s verdict on the kefir. It seems the novelty has worn off for her and it’s not selling - is it time for Tom and Susan to face the truth? Can Tom even handle the truth?

paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s