You know Christmas is on it’s way when that dreaded event in The Archers has arrived … the pantomime script has been unveiled! The Christmas spirit has also hit Nic, who comes up with a novel idea for boosting the Grundy turkey sales. Before you know it, it’ll be the fun of Stir up Sunday and then there really is no going back!
Noluthando is continuing to make her presence felt at Home Farm. Cue a desperate Kate trying to control her with a visit to Lower Loxley. While she’s there, Noluthando quickly makes an impression on Freddie and Lily. Making a friend of one and an enemy of the other.
Adam is in the lion’s den when he puts in a bit of practice being a father - sort of - when he babysits Henry. Will he survive the experience?
Helen worries about the impact that kefir is having on her yoghurt production.
Love’s not-so-young dream don’t seem to be so lovey-dovey these days (is the countdown to more than Christmas beginning where Justin and Lil’s demise is concerned?!) as Lillian is determined to get her own back on Justin. She lies to Justin and tells him she’s off to the Cheltenham Literary Festival with a friend. What is she really up to?
Justin is left home alone on dog-sitting duty. When Ruby makes a bid for freedom he’s confronted by an old enemy. Is this the time for some straight talking?
Emma thinks her chances on getting on the Parish Council are less than nil, being up against Robert - but then a surprising supporter lends a hand.
David and Ruth indulge in one of their favourite pastimes - fretting about their little Pipsqueak. What WILL they say when they learn she’s growing ever closer to Toby?! ‘Oooh noooooooooo’ from Ruth for starters, surely!

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


She really ought to get some medicine for that.

Pet name for the couple: Lustin’.

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