Trouble ahead for Alistair and Shula?

An expensive problem for the hunt, Alistair doing his and Anisha’s work yet probably not taking her salary, huge debt and no new customers … there may be trouble ahead! Will their marriage survive?

Probably. Only one marriage can be in trouble at a time.

What would be realistic would be if Alistair fell back into gambling through a combination of stress and shortage of money.


Which Ambridge marriage do you reckon is in trouble instead? I don’t count Justin and Miranda: neither of them is of Ambridge, they are temporary blow-ins. (I do most devoutly hope.)

That’s the one that’s getting airtime, though.

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And will joint master Shugs have to fork out for re-roofing the kennels?


It does seem very likely to me, somehow. Oliver not being there to do so, and all.