Well, good for Ruth

Words I had not thought to say.

But I am very glad someone has got round to telling Pip what a worm she is.




Nah, it was still very Ruth. More about how she felt than about the more important consequences for other people.

And ffs, still bleating on about Clarrie being upset. Upset about being reminded of the fact that she was instrumental in poisoning a number of people*. Tough.
*Speaking loosely. I’m never entirely sure about the Pony Club…


Yes, for Clarrie that was indeed the problem.

Anyhow, I’m very happy Pip got a good old telling off even if it was all about Ruth and Ruth’s feelings and not in any way about damaging other people’s animals, which latter Ruth ought to have rubbed her delightful daughter’s nose in good and proper and dunked her in the slurry tank while she was at it.


I knew either you or joe would pounce on that.

Agree entirely on what you suggest Ruth should have done.


I suppose that I was heartened that Pip had a good guilt-tripping scolding from her mother, but I can’t accept the moral high ground that Ruth feels entitled to occupy. She had an affair, for which she has not had to face Family opprobrium. I know, I know - many people do, but I think that, should there be a bit of cow poo left over after Pip’s nose has been well and truly rubbed, Ruth should have cause to be grateful that only Kenton knows…
Soo xx

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Oh, yes, it was all about how Ruth feels and how Ruth was disappointed in her and so on, but at least she did have a good solid go at her!

What a time to choose, though: Elizabeth’s party. Why not any time this past week, and at Brookfield? or was Pip hoping that Ruth would be gentle with her in case she was overheard?


[quote=“Fanta, post:7, topic:281, full:true”]What a time to choose, though: Elizabeth’s party. Why not any time this past week, and at Brookfield? or was Pip hoping that Ruth would be gentle with her in case she was overheard?

Yes, I thought that, too. For a whole week, Ruth ‘could trust herself’ to talk to Pip. That was a mega-sulk, wasn’t it, ruining Easter Sunday for them all 'n all. Not that I minded that, except for Jill’s sake.

And still no talk of reparation to the people they have, between them all, with a mixture of malice and incompetence, harmed.


Ruth is very wrapped up in her own feelings and everybody has to consider her, for some reason. Bad form, however, to spoil Easter Sunday and Lizard’s party (for some, at least) because of her self regard. I really don’t like her.
Soo xx


I don’t remember that I ever thought Ruth was particularly wonderful, though I did enjoy her relationship with Marjorie Antrobus and trying to avoid being mothered by her when she was living at Nightingale Farm, back before she hooked (up with) David.

Since the Sam business I have thought her rather nasty and given to punishing people who cared about her, even though that particular aberration of hers seemed to me to have been mostly David’s fault for treating her as a sort of rather silly extra in The Story of David and Sophie.


It doesn’t seem to occur to Ruth that if it had been true that the cows had not got out and that Brookfield was not responsible for spreading the IBR, if the IBR had come from some outside source which had infected all three farms, which is what she at the time believed to be the case when she visited Grange Farm, then she would still have spoken as she did to Helen and Upset Poor Clarrie. That was all her; she did that. It isn’t Pip’s fault she has a nasty tongue on her.

As I said elsewhere, I’m not in the least sorry Helen got spoken to like that, indeed, it doesn’t happen nearly enough. Helen was spoiling for a fight from the start of their encounter and Helen at that point had no proof the spread of the IBR was Brookfield’s fault so what was the point of her bleating on about Poor Tony? If she really cared about Poor Old Tony, she’d have done something to stop him having to spend hours sitting with Rob for all those weeks. But she didn’t lift a finger.


Ah, but it was the anniversary of the week in which she tried and failed to kill someone, so Helen was Entitled to be as nasty to anyone as she felt like, and they were supposed to defer to her Great Suffering. That’s why she was spoiling for a fight. Only Ruth didn’t play by the rules and roll over in the face of Helen’s obviously superior claims to consideration, she hit back at her.


That’s our Janie: firm but fair.

I rest my case.


(It’s at this point I’d like to mention how very much I dislike nearly all of them. Also, that That Fish is appearing quite menacing, moniker-wise. DD ate such for breakfast in the Pantanal. She is twice the woman that I am.)
Soo xx


So what’s her excuse for the other fifty-one?


OK, this board has got off lightly so far, but it had to happen sooner or later.

That blushing young baritone Philippa A
She upped and she went to her mam for to say
‘Your poor face is all furrowed and waxy and wan:
Is it something I said, or something I’ve done?’

Then the cow herder, Ruth, arose in her wrath.
“It is not ‘either/or’, daughter mine: it is both!
For the kine they have wandered on meadow and lea,
And on ley, causing others to lie doon and dee*.

For the kine of oor kindred I don’t give a toss,
Though they’re bumping their gums** and lamenting their loss –
No, the thing that cuts me and yer Dad to the quick
Is your brazen-faced lies. Do you think we are thick?’

Well young Phillipa A, then she wisely refrained
From the obvious answer, and stood looking pained
For some moments; then, forcing back tears
Tried out a bass voice to soothe her dam’s ears:

‘Truly, I didn’t mean to – but Mam, you look ill –
Quick, a pitcher of gin from my fancy-man’s still
Will set you on …‘. Aye, we shall ne’er know on what
Since a fist in the gub landed Pip on her twat.

“I don’t want you naomi no more!’, wor Ruth cried,
‘Nor me ma-in-law neither: I’ve some proper pride!
You’ll kindly oblige me and get yerselves gorn
To wail and to hoot amid alien corn”.

*this wandering accent thing is clearly a hereditary taint, so sod orff, ok.
** the kindred, not the cattle. Do at least try to keep up at the back


Fabissimo, Gus.
Soo xx


I second that!


There are times when only being able to give a post one “like” just doesn’t seem enough.


You are all very kind. And it is pure brilliant to be able to post a line like ‘Since a fist in the gub landed Pip on her t**t’ without smackage ensuing.