Well, just for a change…


…that was pretty dire.


A bit very. Though I liked hearing that Ben (I think it was Ben?) was eating a crisp sandwich, which made me really really want a crisp sandwich. Haven’t had one for decades.


Is it just me or is Leonard morphing into another Bunter/Plank/Doc Locke generic northern voice?


They do at the very least sound as though they all grew up in the same village. More than can be said for any two who grew up in Ambridge, or even in the same family really.


Very fair comment, TFM

Leonard gives me the boak. Can’t work out which, the voice or the character, is the more of an emetic


He’s kinda both smooth and self-deprecating at the same time, which to me is not a believable combination. Only people who think a lot of themselves are that smooth, or is it just me that thinks that?


Some characters I dislike on principle, but with Leonard it’s visceral. There is an oleaginous (predictive text thought I was aiming for ‘paragon’, then 'gelatinous ') quality to everything he says and does.

PS: Does anyone ever actually say ‘This is the kitchen’ to a sighted guest? Really?


If they’re trying to sell the house, maybe?


I’d make an exception for Susan and Emma Mk II. I will always remember when Emerald O’Hanrahan took over the role, her first scene was with Susan; she sounded exactly like a younger version of her mother. Not just the accent, but the inflection, too. A perfectly judged characterisation. Even more remarkably, she still somehow managed to sound like the original Emma, too.


That, joe, is also fair comment. O’Hanrahan does an excellent job. Nothing but admiration for her. Emma, otoh…


…ah yes, but (…as they say) the Devil is in the details!

Even more difficult when it all turns shouty! Many so-called good actors really don’t do shouty & extreme shouty all that well without relapsing into their native dialect, whereas the good 'uns wear the mantle as if born to it! :wink:


As they are about to open the door?


Very true Joe, I’d forgotten Emma. Emerald O’Hanrahan is quite brilliant as Susan’s daughter.


Yes, I s’pose. Or on radio.

Not Convinced. Pah!


Bet you’re glad they didn’t broadcast the bit where that oleaginous voice said “this is my bedroom”.


Bleurg!. You’re a horrible woman, you.



[blush] Thank you!


“…where you’ll be spending the rest of your days. Now get to work, woman!

(Does Jill know any decent tuna recipes?)