What the ? Why?

Fine, I was expecting there not to be the right paperwork. But a) why would Rex, who is ‘looking after’ the business (and that should probably have inverted commas too) not have the passwords; b) why did he not demand the name of the ‘mate’; and c) why is Josh not aware of metadata?
I wish I could see some way that this would end with David, Ruth and Pip in handcuffs, but my ingenuity does not stretch that far.


The editor, or the editorial team, is strangely ignorant about anything that I know about; I assume they are ignorant about every other field as well.

Often I can find out more than they seem to know on a given subject with three minutes’ use of a search engine.


Well quite. That was all I could think about - how can Rex create an invoice/records/whatever without a name? An invoice to Mr A. Non?


Mr M Mouse is traditional.

So I’m told.

Obviously it’s entirely possible to fake computer records, but it does take a modicum of skill.

So I’m told again.

Not to mention why would Rex want to get involved in this kind of explicit criminality when all Josh needs to do is to say to the filth “yeah, I lent it to a mate, that was a bit stupid of me wasn’t it”?


Exactly, Dunnock.

And who is it who tells you things wot might lead an Innercent Sparrer astray, eh? Not the Bruvver, surely?


It’s all badly thought out, if Rex is going to be made to take the blame then he needs more information to mock up a dodgy invoice than “Josh’s mate”, and I don’t know how that helps anyway - the police just want to know who had the digger, why can’t Josh tell them? I thought Josh was supposed to be business minded, or is it going to turn out he’s in cahoots with the local reprobates? Have the writers decided we need another bad boy in Ambridge, now Toby and Freddie are trying to engage in their respective family lives?!