What's the going rate for pre-loved rope these days?


I wonder what percentage of tonight’s episode constituted Interlocutor B repeating in incredulous or puzzled tones (or the nearest s/he could get to such, depending on actor) the very words Interlocutor A had just addressed to them.
I wouldn’t say it grated, exactly

because that would be a massive understatement.


I lost count, so I can’t help you; and I am not going to listen again with a stop-watch.


Very wise. I think we can say the answer is ‘too high a one’ and leave it at that.


What you really need is a stop-listen


I am investing in a new set of ear defenders

Tell me when it’s done with for another year

Or let me bang heads of editors aginn brick walls


Credit where it’s due, Nick Warburton this week achieved something I thought impossible: making Stimpleton’s scripts appear competent.


…I’m so glad you told me! I’m just struggling through Turdsday’s scrapings, and have yet to larf! …this is getting worser and worser! …so here’s something seasonal to raise your spirits!

Said the good little girl to the bad little girl “It’s frightfully hard to be good!”
…said the bad little girl to the good little girl "It’s got to be hard to be good! :thinking:

Oh, how I love the English language! :grinning: