Why blame David?

He is not in charge of the dairy herd; Ruth is.

I find Tom and Brian assuming that the male partner in the farm is entirely responsible for what happens on it both stupid (since they are not his cows) and sexist.

But the “we can swear the cows have never been off the farm” assertion from Ruth is funny…


It might be sexist, but I wouldn’t expect Brian to be particularly comfortable having a go at a female.
As there’s quite a lot more to the farm than the mil’n herd, it feels quite natural that it would be David who they identify as the Brookfield farmer, unless they really stopped to think about it.


I keep laughing every time they say ‘bio-security’. Or in Ruth’s case ‘securi’y’.


I think the Agricultural Advisor has recently made a point of it at a script meeting, and the new editor said it sounded good.


Which bit of any of this sounded good? The only good bit will be when The Beating Fart is found out or forced to fess up and hounded out of the village.


Oh, that would be lovely, assuming it happens, Migrant. But I took Fanta to mean that the HyphenatEd liked the term ‘biosecurity’ because it sounds all serious and scientific and whatnot, hence the risible repetition thereof recently. I could be wrong.

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Yes, that was what I meant. Buzzwords are often approved in this way, without any real thought.

Beating Fart is a buzzword which should be adopted. Along with Huge Hyphen.

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I coined “Huw the Hyphen” a while ago, and it seems to have metamorphosed, via Hugh Hyphen. I agree that Huge Hyphen might be good; I will add it to the list of nicknames.

Did you coin Beating Fart, or do you happen to know who did?

HyphenatEd is also going in.

I did indeed coin Beating Fart. Moi, the doyenette of lavvie humour.

I love all the Hugh names! I hope he’s pleased too, as they’re all benign. (For now, so long may it continue)