Why is Lynda re-reading…


To Kill A Mockingbird?

Not that it doesn’t bear re-reading, but isn’t the whole point of La Snell’s current literary obsession that she wants to catch up on all those books she feels she ought to have read but hasn’t?


Ah - just noticed ITSSWA


I wondered about that. But I put it down to Gillian Richmond being a second-rate scriptie (and that really is saying something).


I’ve always thought it overrated.
But yes, why?
Richmond really is The End, isn’t she?


Well, I tried “Go Kill A Nightwatchman” or whatever the prequel was titled, when it first came out (a while ago) and was rather less than impressed, in fact I seem to remember falling asleep several times before I gave up!


Another abandoned SL. She couldn’t cope with Lord of the Rings, so for some incomprehensible reason, Robert suggested she should try The Silmarillion, which got eaten by the dog. I think Crime and Punishment was mentioned, then To Kill A Mockingbird. As far as I can remember that was it. What was the point?


TKAM always seems to me to be rather more revered than it merits.


GSAW turns out to have been the first draft of TKAM, published by her relatives and other parasites taking advantage of Lee’s debiiltated condition.


A previous editor had seen a Sunday Times “10 best books ever” list. This may not explain the point, but it does offer a reason.


Was ‘Porterhouse Blue’ on it ? If not, it’s a fake.


I have no idea, Armers; I never read the Sunday Times, and eschew “10 best” lists like the plague.