Why would Lily…


…need to borrow a lizard skin? Has she brought all her clothes to Manchester?


That’s a very good question.

It was so that she and Elizabeth could have that touching conversation in which it became clear that it can be in trust for Freddie as much as anyone likes, Lily is going to inherit LL. Working with her mother, obviously.


It seems unlikely to me that even Lily would have more than one evening dress at her age. And if she took it with her…

As Implausible TA Bollocks goes, that’s not even registering on the ballsometer.

Fishy dere, I do so hope you are wrong


That final line had “Author’s Message” scrawled all over it in a florid scriptiform.



That’s the one.


Especially silly line, since isn’t the entire point of the storyline that Lower Loxley is too much for one person to manage on their own?!


I think the idea is that Elizabeth is incapable of doing so and always has been. Whether Lily might be better at it, I hope poor Freddie doesn’t find out.