World Service radio


to which I was listening this morning.

There was a woman reporter at some refugee camp somewhere, who went to a local hospital to inspect the people who had had limbs blown off because they had taken refuge in a place which had previously been sown with land-mines, and I swear to God the wretched crone was cooing at them. “How old are you? Nine? And you’ve had your hand blown off? Aaaawwwww.”

She sounded as if she were congratulating a six-year-old American beauty queen on the mother’s day card she’d made. It made me feel sick. But when is it ever appropriate to coo on a news programme? Is it ever appropriate to coo on a news programme?


No, it isn’t

Sometimes there is cooing in a strange accent, which makes it seem worse

There is the modern equivalent of ‘Music & Movement’ at about 3 am, which is also atrocious




I have been thinking more on this. There are also some presenters with such mournful voices that I don’t quite believe them when they are talking about something nice - am thinking of the likes of Orla Guerin here

Many programmes are recycled these days, so you might hear it 3 times in a week, if you are unlucky…



You missed out “bowel”


That’s how Felicity Finch talks on Woman’s Hour. She does the caring voice.






Lyce Doucet rocks, imho. She is reporting on unspeakable horrors, in unspeakably horrible places. I love her Canadian accent. So, there I am.
Soo xx


So long as she doesn’t coo over wounded children that way, I will be in favour of her. If she does, then i cannot away with her.


But, Chris, that is the first time I have heard any cooing from Lyce. How are reporters meant to convey the horrors to an audience that is, seemingly, inured to the usual bald-stated factual stuff?
Soo xx


The trouble is I find myself trying to place the accent* (it’s always struck me as a sort of WS Wiwyum) and miss what she’s actually saying.

*Acadian, apparently:


Not by cooing. There is nothing cute about a child’s hand having been blown off by a landmine.

Would a male reporter coo? No, he would not. So why should a female?


Frankly, like Sue Lloyd-Roberts and Kate Adie before her I am suspicious. Orla Guerin gives the game away with that surname.

Do they go places where bad things happen and report on them … or are they the perps ? Seems too much like a coincidence to me that wherever they go devastation is wreaked.

… &, yes, that accent. It’s bizarre.