Wot literary larks!

After Larkrise to Candleford, Larkin is next on the totally bizarre agenda. I’d give them points for Harrison/hérisson if I thought they’d thought of it, but I’m not at all confident that they did. A compare and contrast of misogyny? Or just a familiar poet? I’m sure Emmur could help us here, had she not exchanged her ballpoint for a chainsaw.

So, cycling slightly randomly through the Ls, what can we look forward to?
Langland? Lawrence (please, no)? Leacock? Lessing? (Again, please don’t)
Lovecraft? Now, that I could get behind. But I still wish they wouldn’t.


I cherish my lack of literary knowledge

Harrison has just learned that women mean what they say and is surprised by that

Peelers tend to be a little backward in their attitudes no matter how nice they seem to be