Would you stay—or eat—at Grey Gables?

Just listened to the latest offering. The head chef of a supposedly fine dining restaurant appears to be mopping the floor after a cock-up by one of his underlings. Hasn’t he got better things to do with his time? Don’t they have cleaning staff?

Meanwhile, who was on reception? Tracy evidently wasn’t, while Lynda seems only to use the place as somewhere to work on her personal projects—her “meeting” with Jim being a case in point—while nicking stationery and getting free printing/copying (also theft, of course—toner doesn’t come free) while leaving guests waiting.

The fitness centre is run by a resentful cow who treats clients with open contempt.

As for the sub-Scooby Doo haunting SL, words fail. The only “ghostly presence” that wanders GG is Cathy, while the “mystery” is how the place is still open and operating as an independent business; in RL it would have been taken over by a chain years ago.


A more genuine mystery concerns the bizarre algorithms that operate on Discourse boards:



I would run a convention there: it would shake them up wonderfully.


Only if they were capable of being shaken up. I could see them failing to deliver anything promised, giving up in despair, and being driven to bankruptcy by the subsequent suit for breach of contract, none of which would do much good to the fans who weren’t provided with beds or meals.


Frankly, I wouldn’t run a tap there.


Yerra crool Fish at times.

It would be a lousy convention venue anyway, being in the backside of beyond: you’d be pretty much confined to GG or the Bull in terms of places to get fed and watered


True. But if I were doing hotel liaison the’d’ve agreed to provide cheap food as a challenge…


“It’s that or relays to the Borchester Burger Bar, and I’ll be helping with the driving.”