Wrap-up of spoilers - June 7

08 June Helen receives an unexpected invitation and Tom’s plan causes controversy.
09 June Johnny makes a radical decision and Natasha is on a slippery slope.
10 June Helen has a change of heart and Tom struggles to understand the world around him.
11 June Tony digs himself a hole.

15 June Lilian is on a mission and Justin finds himself feeling redundant.
16 June Kate faces an uphill battle and Jakob makes the most of his present situation.
17 June There’s a shock in store for Kate while Lilian considers her relationships with those closest to her.
18 June Justin turns a corner.

22 June Kirsty attempts to make the best of a bad situation and there’s panic at Brookfield.
23 June Helen hatches a plan and Susan’s confidence takes a knock.
24 June It’s a big day for Tracy and Susan goes too far.
25 June There’s a near miss for Kirsty.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 8-11
This week the focus shifts to Bridge Farm, where everyone is trying to cope with the demand for veg boxes. When Helen is faced with a problem, Susan comes to the rescue with an idea, but it leaves Helen having to confront some demons from her past.
On a lighter note, Tony’s uncut hair is causing consternation within the family. But Tony himself is more worried about his grandson and ends up going too far - resulting in Johnny making a drastic decision.
Finally, Tom has a controversial plan that some members of his family don’t take to, while Natasha is struggling in light of recent events. Will she find a way through?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update June 8-11
Tony’s hair - unlike that of his nephew Johnny - is flourishing and, in these times of heightened sensibilities, that’s adding to the rising tensions at Bridge Farm, leading to a drastic decision.
They are working flat out there, trying to cope with the rising demand for veg boxes, then fighting their way through a mountain of excess stock. Susan Carter hatches a cunning plan to rescue the situation, but it’s a plan that will stir up Helen’s past, leaving Borsetshire’s leading cheese-maker wondering whether to sacrifice her peace of mind for the sake of her business.
Tom is also a man with a plan, but it doesn’t go down well with the rest of his branch of the Archers clan.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Credits June 8-11
Writers …… Tim Stimpson & Daniel Thurman
Director …… Marina Caldarone
Editor …… Jeremy Howe
Helen Archer …… Louiza Patikas
Tom Archer …… William Troughton
Natasha Archer …… Mali Harries
Tony Archer …… David Troughton
Johnny Phillips …… Tom Gibbons

Credits June 15-18
Writers …… Naylah Ahmed & Caroline Harrington
Director …… Kim Greengrass
Editor …… Jeremy Howe
Lilian Bellamy …… Sunny Ormonde
Justin Elliott …… Simon Williams
Kate Madikane …… Perdita Avery
Jakob Hakansson …… Paul Venables

Credits June 22-25
Writers …. Adrian Flynn & Liz John
Director …. Marina Caldarone
Editor …. Jeremy Howe
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
Josh Archer … Angus Imrie
Helen Archer … Louiza Patikas
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Tracy Horrobin … Susie Riddell
Kirsty Miller … Annabelle Dowler




Somehow I don’t think he could carry it off. Many people look silly in any kind of hat now.


Oh dear. Is Kate going to abuse Jacob ?