'You haven't left me any choice!'

Is that so, Fallon? Sounds like a big fat fib to me. Shocking lack of agency in Ambridge, all these people who ‘have no choice’ being forced into doin’ stuff against their inclinations/better judgment Plot.

It would be nice were Alice to think that Fallon’s enthusiasm to impart information is impelled by malice and a desire for revenge after Alice’s squiffy lunge for Harrison’s truncheon (don’t tell me it was ‘just a kiss’ - he was carrying on worse than a goosed dowager). It would be even better were that actually the case. Fallon as interfering, do-gooding moral majority* sticks uncomfortably in my craw - an irritable organ at the best of times.
Well, she can always take her conscience to her delightful and principled mother, I suppose. ‘Galled jade?’;
‘Aw, that’s a lovely name’ for a lump of green rock
Interesting that though the witless busybody had supposedly gone round to confront Chris, it was Amy she laid into.

*who thinks it acceptable to giggle publicly at her husband’s embryonic religious/spiritual leanings. Oooh, he wants to be baptised: how totes hilaire.


It does seem like an odd approach, even from my irreligious viewpoint, because of the way it started with the non-baptism. I know a lot of people think of religion as magic words, that if you do the form of the thing it counts – there are a bunch of people in the US who have just become officially retroactively un-baptised because their priest said “we baptise” rather than “I baptise”. (And therefore any other sacraments given to these un-baptised people are also retroactively invalidated.) But I think most of us can do better than that, and say that in Harrison’s case he believed himself to be baptised, he’s been living as though he had been baptised (and it’s not as though anyone bothered to check his paperwork), therefore it’s just an administrative detail to be corrected. And that is what a loving partner would have said, not har har you would look silly in a christening gown.


Fallon has been doing “self-righteous” for a long time now; she was vile to Freddie, quite above and beyond, because he had a conviction for dealing drugs. She is however able completely to overlook her father also having a conviction for dealing drugs, presumably because her father matters in her life and Freddie doesn’t. Or perhaps it’s because if she talked to her father the way she talked to Freddie he would give as good as he got, and then Jolene would lay into her as well.