You've got to love this... Or else



I’m going with ‘else’, tbh. Nothing lifts my heart quite like one of the occasional stories where toddler shoots mommy with the gun from mommy’s purse.


I’m not sure the average American Mom knows that much about firearms.

  • If you doubt this, Google Pilsbury Doughboy Attempted Murder


What could possibly go wrong?

But how inspiring and heartwarming are her grandmother’s words:

“It was God’s will. It was her time to go, I guess”

By that logic, shouldn’t the nutters who carry out the likes of the Vegas, Hungerford and Oslo massacres be honoured rather than condemned, as they too must have been carrying out “God’s will”?


Bwahahahaha. I enjoy sibling-on-sibling shootings too.
Being a weak and feeble woman I long to go to the US where not only could I get my hands on a gun legally but it would be light and - best of all - pink. Possibly with swirls.



Good grief.


I started shooting when I was fourteen. Just sayin’ innit?