Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


I propose a thread in the spirit of ISHIHAC’s Uxbridge English Dictionary to record our occasional flights of lunacy. Kicking off -:

Paraclete: a claged blird
Tenacity: sheltered housing development for the elderly
Nodule: the minimal acknowledgement afforded to someone one is not at all pleased to encounter


Excellent, Gus

I will Ponder



They don’t come with pondering, Dere, they suddenly strike one at inappropriate moments. Monday morning ‘Prayers’ at work was a particularly rich environment, I found, except when it degenerated into ‘Fight Club’, when I would perk up and pay attention.

Lassitude: the quality of being to a greater or lesser extent a sheepdog


Immoderate Snork!



That’s flight cub: a terrified junior bear.

But, um, this is the Ambridge Reporter; the Ambridge Observer is an entirely different publication…


I have twiddled the thread title.


Twiddle: rotating wee.


Thank you Hedgers. Combination of brain fart and the refusal of the title line to take a collection of uppercase initials. My apologies.

Foresight: The immediate innner conviction that [whatever] is going to go on and on and on, becoming quite the saga
Dragon: see ‘Foresight’


(2) Indian food snobbery


Emulate: Joe’s cocked up his Christmas dinner timings…


Diatribe - the Archer family


Profiterole - anal aerobics


A thought occurs: should this not be the Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary?


it was a good thought and has been acted upon



  1. an individual who has been bested in a conversation, ploy or stratagem - see ‘outwit’
  2. ‘local’ or ‘zeitgeist’ jokes which go unnoticed and unmourned by those not fortunate enough to be in the charmed circle or slaves of fashion

(although there are times that one feels nae nook is safe from incursions of such)


Inuit: a thought which comes back and bites you, as in the Ayenbite of Inwyt?


Erudition? I’m having Nunavut…

But yes indeed o Fish, that 'un too.


Dowager’s Hump: a toyboy


Finagle: an undernourished, large bird of prey.


Lexicon: a surrogacy arrangement