Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


Cock-up n The moment immediately before cock-crow


Luigi French term for a Clydesider
Pentacle Scrotal tattoo
Buttocks Treatment for gluteal wrinkles


Love it


Shag pile Stately brothel


Platitude duck-billed cliché that thinks it’s important


Molested: an area of land, as it might be one’s lawn, under ‘cultivation’ by a particular mole and his immediate family


Divot = dim, but warm


Career = the dopler effect


Not mine, but

Red Shift a woman in a scarlet chemise running through doppled sunlight


Mansplaining Perfectly reasonable response to wimminaccuracy


Tssk, joe. A little domestic friction? (actually, wouldn’t that be ‘dusting’?)


No - getting flak online for pointing out that flute doesn’t have a 4½ octave range and bass flute is the same register as viola, not cello. About the level of accuracy one would expect of ChronicFM, of course, but I wasn’t going to let it go unchallenged. Unfortunately the person who made the video happened to be female, so of course…


< sympathetic nodding > ahhhh, yes. One of those sorts of moments.


Samovar: a subset of those things pertaining to us
Umlaut: a response to the infrequent question “what is a popular four-letter synonym for yob, corner boy or ned?”


Pasternak Skill in Italian cookery


Nabokov To pilfer from a library
Shakespeare One whom an Arab aristocrat acknowledges as an equal
Tolkien Lament about road charges


Those are truly horrible, Joe! Well done.


Trivia = 3 roads you could take.

Tremendous = Who falls from high places ??

Bravery = Absolutely IS a bosom sling


To be confused at your peril with a boomslang…

And how is the Surprising Mrs Shanks? Doing Surprisingly well, I do hope, poor lass.


She continues, as is her habit, to surprise.

Clearly in some pain, but has so far restrained herself from employing the staple-gun on me nor the Blow-torch. So I must be doing some things not wrong.

Being very stoical. Mind you, putting a bosom-sling ON someone is a new one for me !