Catching up with the synopses…



n. early 15c., “one who urges,” from Middle French soliciteur, from soliciter (see solicit). Meaning “one who conducts matters on behalf of another” is from early 15c.


Heh! indeed. See ARSED, shortly :grin:


25 June:

Tom looks to the future.

Jazzer’s not sold on fermented foods, and thinks Tom would’ve been better off staying at home and expanding the pig herd.

“But I can’t look at pigs any more… [sob sob]… they remind me of Kirsty…”


David … points out that it would be nice for Josh to help them sort out Rickyard before the baby arrives.

Why doe it need to be “sorted out”? Has Pip got it into a complete pigsty?

I suppose we ought to be grateful that she and the baby are to be put in there, rather than Josh and Ben being banished so that Jill and Ruth can “help” with the baby.


There’s time yet


Well, she’s been working so hard for the farm, poor thing, and Josh should obviously abandon all his plans to have a life of his own (such as they are) in order to be her unpaid skivvy.


It’s really quite simple: Pip stays at Rickyard, Ben and Josh share, thus freeing up a room to be converted into a nursery so Jill can provide 24 hour care.


I didn’t notice I wasn’t getting the synopses emailed to me…

6 July:

Fallon’s so thrilled she asks him to be her bridesman.

A “bridesman” is presumably one of these new-fangled things the kids these days do. Certainly not something I’m familiar with, and I am of course the arbiter of what is common knowledge.

11 July:

Kate explains that the business is the one thing she’s made a success of

“Well, we can agree with you about everything else in your life…”

the kind of mother her children can look up to

Only if they’re under the table too.

15 July:

Later, Alice accuses her siblings of selfishly forcing Brian and Jennifer out of their home.

When Alice is your moral compass, something has gone very wrong in your life.


29 July:

Chris finds the whole story hilarious, but promises not to breathe a word.

Because that’s going to work as well as it always does.


“Emma’s bound to be at the top of the list anyway, however many houses they build.”

What list? She has never as far as we know signed in with anyone, just gone and asked Justin “gissa house mister.”


10 August:

lewd plastic straws

That’s not the sort of thing you announce in advance; it’s a small (ideally pleasant) surprise on the day. Unless they are truly awe-inspiring straws, of a lewdness never previously seen in Ambridge.

Lily decides she doesn’t have to listen to this, and storms out. She needs to be around people who respect her.

You’ll have a long search then, dearie.


“According to Harrison the police haven’t charged Ellis with anything.”

As discussed by a serving police officer with his girlfriend, a friend of the accused.

“They’re both dealing with the effects of losing their license.”

Licence, in this country.


15 August:

Rosie Ruth Grace Archer it is - just don’t tell Jill.

Hah! Told you so! (Actually, I told That Fish so. And said “what a shame, that would have been the nuclear option”.)


14 August:

Jolene’s very glad Fallon isn’t getting married [at LL], although they wonder if The Bull needs a lick of paint before the reception.

If your own family complains about the place you’re giving them free, let 'em pay for something flasher.

17 August:

Jolene and Kirsty help Fallon get ready for her wedding. They agree that she looks stunning.

Not having been born yesterday, they say the standard thing they are required to say whether or not it’s true.

Jazzer’s booked her old band to play while they wait for the DJ, and she joins them onstage.

“Oh, hey, Fallon, I remember when you were cool.”

19 August:

Harrison is worried people resent him for arresting Freddie, especially now he has been committed to Crown Court for sentencing.

Especially now that he’s conspiring to conceal a different crime.

20 August:

Arriving at Lower Loxley, Phoebe meets Elizabeth who is overseeing the installation of CCTV in a bid to prevent the revocation of her alcohol licence.

The licencing, she does not work like that. Unless, which is my working theory, the local magistrates are blatantly corrupt.

21 August:

Ian reveals he actually wants to talk about the Borsetshire Blue: it’s bland

“Ever since you stopped maturing it in Dead Horse Mire (twinned with Porton Down), it’s just not the same.”


Harassing obviously hasn’t done his homework: Susan is related to the Aldridges by marriage, and thus to the Archers. Tenuous, admittedly, but surely enough to qualify her for arrest?


She’s also related to his wife, just as tenuously.

The chain goes
Susan Carter
mother of Christopher Carter
husband of Alice Aldridge
daughter of Jennifer Aldridge
daughter of Jack Archer

Fallon Rogers
daughter of Jolene Archer (neé Rogers)

I did once try to find someone in Ambridge who wasn’t related to the Archers in some way (even if it is an ex-marriage); Usha and Alan Franks are not, and Bert Fry, and Oliver Sterling. Oh, and Kathy and Jamie Perks, and Maurice Horton, if they are still in the programme. Kirsty has been fortunate and avoided it, too.


It’s enough, though, surely, given that he only arrests people related to her?


That’s one way of putting it, certainly


She may not have thought so at the time, mind.


23 August:

However [Oliver] feels unable to write a character reference for Freddie, as he points out they barely know each other these days. Oliver suggests asking a teacher but Elizabeth isn’t sure who at college could help.

Lily could blackmail Russ, that would be a great foundation for a lasting relationship.