Did Liz John

…ever hear an episode of TA before she started writing for it? That was not Shula.


I don’t think that she can have done; this week has been off-key all over the place.

The logic she employs could be heard in the first week that she did, and summed up by the account of it in Lowfield, 3rd April:

His mum should have left his dad but never did. Similarly Peggy stuck by Jack hoping he would change. When love has gone what’s the point? Peggy warns that if is going to lose interest in Lilian too, then leave her alone. Justin points out that Peggy had a long and happy second marriage; with Lilian he feels he has the same loving bond that his parents had.

So his mum ought to have left but his parents had a loving bond? Really, Liz?

Looking at the weeks she has done so far, all have contained nastiness unwarranted by the characters as they had always been before.


[quote=“Fanta, post:2, topic:783”]Looking at the weeks she has done so far, all have contained nastiness unwarranted by the characters[/quote]Clearly a tv soap writer then.

“Less is more” is something of which she’s obviously never heard.


She’s credited for 18 episodes of “Doctors” (“a BBC soap opera”) and one short film.


Has she got awards … & should we be grateful to have her ??


Is that all she’s done between 2001 and 2016? Gawdelpus.


To be fair, Fanta, IMDb doesn’t list radio or theatre work - just TV, film, and some computer games.


Ah. Well, I suppose we should be grateful that she has some experience; has she won any awards for either?


On her web site she mentions three more short films, quite a few plays, a Radio 4 Afternoon Play, and a set of scripts for use in schools.

On LinkedIn she mentions “several award-winning/nominated short films” but not which ones they might be. (Her own web site doesn’t mention awards for any of them.)

On Twitter she says nothing of any interest (that would be Twitter then).


Stalkers ‘Я’ Us… I promise to use my powers for good. Mostly.


If it had been the previous editor who had employed her I would have assumed awards; as it is, being female may well have been all she needed to do. O’Connor got rid of four of the six female SWs; the gender-bias had to be righted, didn’t it, hence the three women added this year, two at least of them tin-eared and two at least of them showing no sign of ever having listened to the programme or knowing any of the characters.

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