Deep glee.

Adam is a pompous sod, though.
“In the office…NOW”. Headmaster complex? Wonder if he has a stash of canes.


Deeepest gleeness!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
Edwierd (whimpering): “It’s not fair!” (Listeners (omnes ad unum¹) “Oh yes it is!”)

¹ it’s yer akshul La’in


Isn’t Ed a bloody fool though!

Oh look, my brother is at my place of work and he is very angry with me. I know, why don’t I tell him that something I did might have put the son he cares about so much at risk? That’s the ticket. I’ll just do that then. Even though there is absolutely no need at all for me to mention it, since the incident was in fact nothing to do with me at all.


How much are you prepared to bet that people won’t blame Will for the loss of the job/house/liberty [delete as applicable]?


Of course they will. They don’t use reason at all, mostly.


Yeah, why can’t he be an accessory after the fact like his brother?


…doesn’t have the necessary qualifications?


By 'eck, I enjoyed that. Put Emma’s gas at a gey low peep. Notice how she was dissociating herself from having encouraged Ed to take the work…
Serves the cah right.


I noticed! Not sure just what she was claiming though - that she only meant him to do it just the once so that Ed would get more legitimate work from Tim? Even Ed knows it doesn’t work that way: once you’ve accepted one dodgy job, clearly you’re indicating you’re up for more of same.

I quite enjoyed Ed making it clear he thought this was all other people’s fault: Will’s for shouting about it in Adam’s hearing, Emma’s for encouraging him to do it in the first place, and general Grundy Bad Luck because they were supposed to be finished with the work. Why Tim and Adam didn’t get a mention, I don’t know. If only Tim hadn’t tried to sell dodgy herbicide to Will and if only Adam hadn’t fired him!

As for enjoying, actually, there are characters far further up on my list that I’d like terrible things to happen to. And not have them bounce back unscathed as did Pip with the IBR. Or be given a free pass for life by all around because of all she’s ‘been through’ à la Helen.


Nil desperandum, Janie dere. Meanwhile, we takes what we can get. Although I admit Emmur is near the top of my list of Deserving Recipients of Radioactive Banana Skins.
A skimmity ride should have removed her and her bungling lummox of choice fron the village twelve years or so back.


That was Tim’s approach; when Ed refused the driving work, the legit stuff dried up. Maybe the sensible thing would have been for Ed to go to Oliver for advice? He could ask him how he came to know Tim in the first place, for one thing.


I enjoyed Emma’s “You’re so stupid! You did what I told you to and now it’s all gone wrong and it’s all your fault!

Carefully ignoring the fact that she has known for weeks that Ed was going out at night and doing something clearly very dodgy, while not getting any more legitimate work from Tim than he did before.


I gloat! Gloatity gloatity GLOAT. You could puree me for gloater paste if you felt so inclined.

Don’t think that marriage will be salvageable after what Emma said to Ed tonight, either. Jam!


He will take it on the chin rather than on the lam, and swallow her insults whole. He is essentially a cowardly little fellow; he stopped picking fights with William after William for once fought back harder, for instance.


I was listening to this episode on my laptop with earbuds and at the same time playing a game that involves smashing Christmas balls and I forgot to mute the game and forgot that I’d forgotten with the result that all of the time Emma was scolding Ed I thought the smashing noises were TA sound effects and assumed Emma was hurling crockery at him. I pictured her dipping into a box of brand new glasses they’d bought for the new house and wondered when she was going to run out.


Lovely, JJ!


Bubbels 2?


No, it’s the Jacquie Lawson Advent calendar - I got addicted to smashing balls. Well, listening to The Archers does tend to have that effect.


…sounds like my kind of game! (…please may I join you?) :wink:


i’m sure you would be welcome, on a BYOB basis ;- )