In the spirit of mumsnet, would I be unreasonable


…to open a box of chocolate-covered stem ginger wot I got with vaguely Christmassy notions?
It’s not destined for anyone else.
Yon Gus was aye a greedy besom…

A speedy response would be appreciated, for reasons which I trust are obvious


Go for it dearie.


Mmmfankyoff, she enunciated elegantly through a gobful.
Got to go, there’s somebody at the door. Probably bewhiskered, at that.


[hasty flappity flappity]

As long as you remember to feed the Christmas Sparrer tapping mournfully at your winder…


< sigh >
Very well, small starving birdlet. Get yer beak round this one.
< bird departs on an irregular flight path, apparently koffing > yeah, the ginger has got a pleasing kick to it: surprised me too.


Bees need treats, too.
Soo xx


< trebuchets a goodly chunk Hiveward >
Kertwoinggg! kerthunk!

< sorry about those drones wot got stunned, hope you weren’t fond of them >


Nobbut collateral damage, Gus dere.



Soo xx


Has someone organised your Fruit in Booze, Soo?




I like chocolate ginger

Just saying


God yes. They can be replaced.


For example, I am currently in need of replacing a bag of brandy-snaps and a box of After Eights.


My Mother used to make brandy snap
I bought a box last week

After Eights are too ‘clarty’ for my taste



Good man, Armrest!


<oils the long-distance, sea-hopping trebuchet>
aaaand Kertwoinggg!

There you go, Twellsy dear.
Blimey, I’ve never been so popular. Is there a scent based around ginger and chocolate, I wonder? because I wouldn’t bloody wear it: life would become a positive nightmare, dahlinks…


Needs quick work with very hot things, does that.


…ah! talking of scents and other wondrous smells, as you may have gathered, yours truly being an aficionado of certain baccy products (…particularly those originally from the port city of Latakia (Syria)) - get this! “…A modern perfume called Fumerie Turque (Turkish Smoke) was created by French company Serge Lutens, reproducing a fragrance in emulation of Latakia tobacco.” (…thank you wiki) :grin::grin::grin:


Aaaah. Tis the Sturmey burpday isn’t it.

Happy Day to you old man.


Oh, that’s good to know. Ta, Armers.

And Happy Birthday, Sturmers, and many more of them. Scented with Latakia. mmmmm.
Gus x


…I like to think of every day as being my burpday! …so I theng you fer yore gud whooshes! :kissing_heart: