Just about over, is it?

The standard of this week’s scripting has been heinously inept, and most of what is written for Lynda is offensive nonsense anyway. But there was one nugget of shite in her ravings last night that deserves particular notice: her belief that the Mysteries production would be a post-pandemic morale-booster.

“It will all be over by Christmas Boxing Day!” Aye, in a pig’s eye it will.

Granted, writing Covid was always going to be tricky for TA, which presumably is why they have largely sidestepped the issue. However, only a fool could have written that line (take a well-deserved bow, Ms Hehir) and only an incompetent allowed it to make it through to broadcast (your turn, Mr Howe. Come along now, don’t be shy!).

Oh, and it won’t be a morale-booster either: quite the reverse.


Yes, that was an interesting little moment of revelation. Meanwhile, the WHO is suggesting that Europe (in which they seem to include islands off its west coast) can expect a further half-million deaths from SARS-CoV-2 before February, which seems a bit ominous.