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That woman is a Good Thing.



And an excellent follow-up:


Two favourite quotes, both from Emma:

“… it was disgusting. My George had to play three games of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to calm himself down.’”
"No amount can make up for what my kiddies have been through. Unless it’s enough to put a deposit on a new house. That would do it."


Another good’un


Excellent, joe, I don’t know how she keeps it up. Sometimes The Archers is so absurd it’s difficult to parody.



I approve of this woman’s work more each week!



’ …anyone who suggests I went joyriding and caused the damage myself, just to prove I’ve still got the old magic even though I’m 75 now, will be hearing from my lawyers.’

Happy chortle.


There is that, and there is Emma’s unfinished couplet, and there is Auntie Satya’s answer to Tom…





I wish that website would allow me to post comments!


Another gem:


As ever in these sort of things, it’s the trite, irrelevant asides which add greatly.

It could have been Alan Bennett or Victoria Wood when she takes Ed & Emma for dinner " … my treat, and I let them have starters and everything".


Something the SWs fail to grasp, now that they have decided that drama = conflict



I am amazed by the consistently high standard of a skit on a programme which seems set on finding out what there is in the U-bend.