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I’m so glad to see that unlike the BBC, Linda Michael managed to find a picture of a Dobermann which has not been illegally mutilated…


Snap! Just commented to that effect on Christine’s blog.


Thanks! I registered like anything, but the site simply doesn’t like me and I can’t comment there.


Hot off the net;




The two ARs are in the wrong order above; “Fete shocker” is on 17th and “Ruth celebrates” is on 23rd.


Yes. I posted the new one when it came in, then noticed the missing older one. One of these days I’ll automate it.



I can’t blame her for taking a break but I’ll miss it. This week is a real zinger.


The wonderful Christine M is back at the keyboard and on particularly sparkling form. Hurrah!


Little Tommy Sossidge, kebabbed


It’s another goodie, isn’t it. I don’t know how she does it.


Some weeks lend themselves more easily to caricature than others - indeed some weeks are caricatures in themselves, which must leave her scratching her head - but she always comes up with something, well done, that woman.



“a fresh opportunity to wallow in introspection, rather than an indication that you should change course at this late stage.”

deep joy.


The Ambridge Observer continues to be splendid, doesn’t it.


Another goodie


A slight departure from the usual format this week, which would appear to account for the absence of an issue on 30th September.