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Have sorted through 4 bookcases, & still can’t find it


Muttering Monks…



May I steal that one?


It is true, really it is, Carinthia! The Benedictines had a special rule about the volume they were permitted.

Are you looking for a bright green paperback?


Of course, Gus

Would you like it gift-wrapped ? :wink:



No, my copy wasn’t a bright green paperback , Fishy

The bookcases have been fettled, at least…

Each Order has, & still has its own rules about everything

The Jesuits are still very fond of ‘deprecating & deploring’ which, whilst annoying, is preferable to torture, methinks… :wink:



Just dropped through the letterbox. Particularly good this week, I think. Love the new R4 schedule!


She’s as good as ever, I think.


Hot off the browser:



One of her best! Some weeks, the storywriters give her so very little to go on that I’m amazed she makes as much of it as she does. This week was a corker.


Another goodie


Good’un this week too, love the way she listed all PC Burns’ failures.

Ambridge Observer


Oh, Gus, I didn’t see your link when I posted! Never mind, Christine deserves many mentions.


Doesn’t she just! Splendid woman.




“If you read through your letter again I think you will find you have answered your own question” is absolutely spot-on.

I do wish the website would ever allow me to comment; I’d love to tell CM myself how good I think her work is.


I can post to it, Fishy

I’m Carinthia by the Lake on that site .I think that I joined to follow Lady M’s first South African adventure



Then, if you feel inclined, you could tell her how much the Ambridge Reporter admires, etc. And who knows, it might attract others… Her stuff is of a pretty consistent standard: even the occasional comparative dud is enjoyable. And the dear alone knows, they don’t always give the poor woman much to work with.


Anna nother one


‘People said it was awkward when Shula went in for a kiss but I offered a handshake – but that sums up our marriage really,’ said Mr Lloyd.
‘To be honest, I would have been more embarrassed if I’d been caught in the slips by Molly Button, like Harrison Burns