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Do we want one over the eight downstairs, You Know Where? Bugrit, up here for that matter? It might be useful as anti-freeze…




Stranger to a hot what? Oh, brush. Really must clean my glasses.


Fuel for the camping stove.


Sorry - who’s a stamping cove?


Sparrer says someone’s a camping cove, joe. Haven’t had someone who behaved like that since Flossy Lovel from Felpersham. Well, I suppose there’s Johnny going camping but that’s not exactly the same sort of thing. I presume. (We’ll see.)


I don’t think your spectacles are the seat of the problem, Aisling dere…


You think not, Gus? Hmmm! :thinking: I must admit I didn’t see the relevance of a hot thrush (the reality, oh dear yes :roll_eyes::flushed: but not the relevance) so I’ll seek the opinion of the dicky birds. What do you think, Hedgers and Ewe-Stew-Bee? Has a splottt from on high obscured me specs? It does say brush, there’s no fox around, and these girls are too young for hot flushes. Apart from red faces from getting caught buggering around with expensive machinery for a laugh. Yes, that’ll be it. Awesome. Beyond awesome. Beyond cool. :motorcycle::tractor:

:phone:️ “Hello. What? Who? What’s it got to do with Dubya? Or his dad? They both retired and went on the lecturing and consultancy circuit years ago. Nah, I can’t see what it’s got to do with the two Bushes. See ya. Bye.”


Just a reminder re the best thing that happens on most Sundays. Although it happened on Saturday this week.

Aunty Satya - and Christine - on fine form


I have tried to point out there that Ruairi didn’t win the single wicket, Christopher Carter did, but I can offer it my OpenID as often as I like and all it does is take me back to the same reply-box, which is annoying.


Seems to have been corrected


Oh good! It saddened me when it said Ruairi won.


It’s surely just a matter of time, before Gideon wins?:rage:

#34 - “Open house at Brookfield, a row at Ambridge Hall and big plans at Bridge Farm – an emotional week in Ambridge”


That Christine M is a very bad lass and a minor genius

‘…you may find that Uranus goes retrograde very quickly indeed.’


The crossword is brilliant!


It’s my fix for this week I think.

I’ve been too hooked by Cardiff Singer to bother to LA since the James and Leonie story kicked off. Think I’ll have to go to Cardiff Singer in two years’ time. Though I’ll have to visit St David’s Hall first to see if I can still breathe there. Unlike Joe Grundy’s my lung condition can’t be turned on and off to suit me and if I start coughing I’ll drown the loudest tenor.


I’d be happy to drown the lot of 'em.


Come, come, Useders: tenors are God’s children too, you know.


There is no conclusive scientific proof of that.