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Does this place close on weekends now? Just askin’ innit.


No, it’s just very hot out there, Carruthers.


Damnably hot, you mean?




I say you chaps. All of the damned Punkah-Wallahs have been sacked by the officer’s mess (as she’s known).
No wonder the air is so still. Never had this damned nonsense up at Simla


Why would you expect there not to be 'this damned nonsense? It’s not Simla at all.

Please don’t make me get me coat. Too hot for that.


I said we never had this at Simla.
You’ll know that being close to the Himalayas, it was the coolest place to be in the summer, during the Raj.

Here. The weather is either too damned cold or too damned hot.
Where is the happy medium? Or Madam Arcarti as she’s known.


What’s wrong with Sosostris, eh?

“Freddie’s new job, Jill’s new hobby and Lilian’s old flame… thrills and spills in Ambridge”


She goes on and on getting it right, week after week. Amazing woman.


Pig unit news, awards hopefuls and Jill’s helpful recipe … an intriguing week in Ambridge


Tee hee!

“we will be using a lot of leftovers to feed the pigs” is illegal, surely?


Wasn’t that rather the point?

She’s so good, so consistently. that Christine…



She has done it again…



The wonderful Christine on form yet again. What does the woman take, I wonder? Apart from ‘no prisoners’.


I especially liked rhyming Oliver and jollier, on Bert’s behalf.


That was an enjoyable touch. Although I am slightly afraid she might be encouraging the old fool…



Another gem!