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A very fine episode. Is episode the right word? Instalment?
Vintage stuff, anyway. That Christine, she’s ever so good.


Very, indeed.


Late but as always worth it


Lovely, isn’t it. I especially enjoyed the man on the loader.



It’s another good one; Burns down to a T.


Rob the Torch says nobody else burns down anyfink round 'ere, to a T or otherwise… oh, never mind. As you were.


One crime they’ve had in Ambridge all year.
One bleedin’crime!

What has that semi-animated slurry-tank PCSO Burns done about it?
Faffed around playin’ damned cricket. That’s what.


Have you forgotten Kerosene Keef? And what became of the Ambridge Arsonist, who showed impeccable taste by targeting the Grungys and Borefeathers (though unfortunately they were elsewhere at the time) then was never mentioned again.


That was Rob the Torch.


Depends on who’s asking, really. I mean, there’s down the pub and there’s where was you on the night of the 17th.


Another gem

Particularly liked Brian’s bad karma and Nolly - sorry, Noluthando’s - “true spiritual path”


The light it shines on Kate’s thought is beautifully done.


Yes - Kate to a T. One of Christine’s best, I think.



She has done it again…

I always love the horoscopes, but do we know when Justin’s birthday is? I don’t think we’ve discovered his age.


Lower Paleolithic


Not Cretinaceous?


The two are not mutually exclusive!

If we have to put a figure on it, 26¾


Nice tries, but in fact the clue that the three of them - Lilian, Justin and Matt, first appeared on the earth.

Lilian, Justin and Matt are the original three of the Triassic geological period.

As some of you may remember, the Triassic period was when reptillian dinosaurs and slithering creatures appeared. Where can you get three more obnoxious slithering reptiles than Lilian, Justin and Matt?

Please note, that for the purposes of this comparison, any and all Members of Parliament and Australians, do not count.